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CGH CONSULTING wants to offer an authentic experience with the MilanWineWalk and to convey to its guests the unbridled passion for Italian wines through a wine tasting.

A pleasant journey through the wine country Italy offers insights on the growing areas and techniques of wine tasting and the wines are tasted and analyzed together.

Eating and drinking locally is the most enjoyable means to learn about the history and the traditions of a place and the best way for you to take a little bit of Milan home with you.

The tour guides are professional sommeliers who are enthusiastically committed to spreading the Italian wine culture and visiting the best-stocked wine bars in the various neighborhoods of Milan.

In short words


Cornelia G. Hassmüller is German by birth, but for many years Milanese by adoption; with her MilanWineWalk she wants to express her unconditional love for Italian wine and the city of Milan.


After an international career in fashion publishing, in 2015 she decided to turn her passion for wine into work and since dedicates herself to the universe of wine as wine consultant and sommelier.

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