It’s incredible! After 10 years of research in occasion of Expo 2015 it was not only rediscovered but also replanted the vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci, with the same crisp of white wine called “Malvasia di Candia Aromatica”. The scientists found a few vine roots which had survived and analysed it, so they could come up to the original variety.

Malvasia di Candia Aromatica is the same variety which exists also nowadays in the DOC “Colli Piacentini” (Emilia Romagna). Stramineous, with green reflexes, intensive aroma, persistent, aromatic and harmonic, it is available as dry, medium or sweet wine from still up to sparkling.

Shortly to the history: Leonardo was given in 1499 the vineyard as payment for the painting of the “Last Supper” commissioned him by Lodovico Sforza. The vineyard was completely destroyed in a bomb attack during the Second World War.

The plot of ground which depends to the “Palazzo degli Atellani” is situated in Corso Magenta, opposite the famous church “Santa Maria delle Grazie”, where Leonardo painted his famous Last Supper.

Leonardo was born in 1452 in Toscana and joined Milan in the age of 30 years. He worked for the Sforza family as painter, sculptor and architect.

As he descends from a winemaker family, he was very interested in wine, fact which is documented by different records and shopping lists.

The merit of the restoration of the old vineyard goes to the Portaluppi foundation, the current owners of Casa degli Atellani and the task force of scientists, guided by geneticist Serena Imazio and Professor Attilio Scienza, leading expert of the DNA and the grape variety. Furthermore to Roberto Miravalle, agronomist and president of the Consorzio Vini Doc Colli Piacentini and the Milan University (Faculty Agriculture and Alimentation), which reconstructed the whole genetic profile.

It is possible to visit the vineyard and the Villa every day between 9 am – 6 pm. The visit is divided into 7 sections, the visitor has an audio guide available in English and 9 other languages. And who feels like  … it is also available in the Milanese dialect version.

Address: Corso Magenta 65, Milan
Tickets: 10€
phone: +39.02.48 16 150